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Safe Haven Sheltering Program

The Safe Haven is an overnight shelter for homeless adults. Our capacity is limited to six (6) men. Our guests are selected from an application and interview process. When a guest enters the program they will have a guaranteed bed for an entire year.  Safe Haven selects  guests based on the following criteria: 1) making a concerted effort to become self-sufficient, 2) peaceful by nature, 3) sobriety, 4) emotionally or physically vulnerable at a warming center, 5) helpful.  To apply please call the Safe Haven House at 303-774-7994.


We also offer Day Shelter services every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm at the Safe Haven house located at 10656 Park Ridge Ave., Longmont.  We invite anyone experiencing homelessness to come to the house.  There, you can shower, wash your clothing/bedding, eat a hot lunch, and fellowship with our staff and volunteers.   

We have also expanded Day Shelter to include Outreach meals on Friday mornings! Interested in preparing food for Friday Outreach Meals?  Click here to sign up:


Safe Haven rents a small home in North Longmont. This Safe Haven House has a few functions: year-round safe and sober shelter for six (6) homeless men, operations center for our street outreach, and as a Day Shelter twice a week for anyone experiencing homelessness.    

The Safe Haven House

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