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Agape Safe Haven Welcomes The Serve Team From Life Bridge Church

Agape Safe Haven will host the Serve Team from Life Bridge Church on Tuesday, October 19th. Life Bridge Church has spent the last couple of months collecting items for Hygiene Kits that will distributed to the homeless in Longmont. The Serve Team will put together the hygiene kits at the Safe Haven Shelter and will then head out into the community to hand them out alongside Safe Haven staff.

“We are so thrilled to be working with Life Bridge Church on this project”, says Safe Haven’s Executive Director, Jessica Bennett. “We actually involved our current guests in this endeavor. I had several meetings with them so that we could hash out what items would be of most benefit”. Items that topped the list included bottled water, Cup O Soup containers, and body size wet wipes. “One of our guests also asked that we include small gift cards to restaurants like Taco Bell and McDonalds. He said it was so nice to be able to walk into a restaurant, order food, pay for it, and then sit down and eat it like everyone else. He tearfully remarked that for that half hour it took him to eat the meal it made him forget that he was homeless”, said Jessica Bennett.

"We are so blessed to have Life Bridge Church as one of our community partners", says Safe Haven's Chaplain, Pastor Josh Walker. "Church is not just a building where we all go to once a week for an hour. Church is a community of people coming together reclaiming the original definition of Church where we help and serve our brothers and sisters in need."

"Life Bridge partners with Agape Safe Haven because they care for people experiencing homelessness in the Longmont community with a love that looks like Jesus. At Life Bridge, it's our goal to lead people to look like Jesus, and by partnering with Agape, we're able to make a bigger impact for all people in our community." says Scott Martin, the Life Bridge Discipleship Pastor.

Also included in the hygiene kits will be informational flyers about Safe Haven’s Day Shelter services. “Right now, we have Day Shelter hours at our Safe Haven shelter every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 1pm”, explains Jessica Bennett. “Anyone experiencing homelessness is invited to our shelter located at 10656 Park Ridge Ave. here in Longmont. They can take a shower, launder their clothing, eat a hot meal, and fellowship with our staff and volunteers. With the cold weather approaching we also invite them to come to the shelter if they need cold weather gear like jackets and gloves.”

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